Product Features

Marina Controller Product Features

(part of the Controller Series software by Mainframe Associates)

Marina Software features at a glance

Marina layout displayed may be of the actual marina, based on architectural layouts or photographs, or any other representation desired by the marina. The display includes:

  • color-coded visual display of the marina at a glance
  • display is date-based and quickly affords a marina view as of any date, including historical
  • marina display can be expanded and shrunk as required

the marina can be displayed on many workstations at once, with each workstation having an up-to-date display of the marina. Hovering the mouse over a site displays the site information as well as current reservations and use of the site. Clicking on a site pins the site for subsequent actions

Marina Operations

  • reservations can be a forced pre-bill or charged on account
  • hotel-style check-ins and check-outs
  • print customizable invoices, contracts, quotes, monthly statements
  • tracking of customer credit card authorizations
  • special requirements and provisions can be tracked on a site, vessel, and/or customer level
  • documents and images can be saved and displayed by site, vessel, and/or customer

Site Assignments

many different types of “sites” can be defined – moorage slips, boathouse, parking spaces, storage lockers, dry land blocking, rental property

  • vessels can be assigned to multiple sites as they are available within a single reservation
  • sites can be assigned when the reservation is made, or when the vessel is checked in
  • drag-and-drop site assignment and reassignment
  • sophisticated handling of open sites and reservations that need to be assigned to sites

Leasing and Subleasing of Sites

guests can be billed based on daily, monthly, or annual rates

  • sites can be made available for sublease for specified periods of time
  • a sublease can be subleased to any number of levels
  • marina-defined automatic credits based on sublease usage

Marina Vessel Services

  • many types of items can be sold on the same reservation
  • marina services can be added to a reservation or billed separately
  • tracking and reserving of lifts for vessel dry dock servicing

full integration of inventory handling within the Controller Series software, including parts purchasing and special orders

Marina Management Tools

  • daily marina management reports for the expected daily activities
  • marina-specific customized reports
  • integration with Great Plains and QuickBooks Accounting Software