Visual Marina

Your Visual Marina map is the face of MARINA CONTROLLER. This customized map can be a scale drawing, an aerial photograph, or any other layout you wish. And this applies to not only your marina, but multiple locations, parking, campground sites, storage lockers…you name it!

  • Informative colour coded icons and boxes provide you status updates at a glance
  • Easily identify available space, overdue reservations, arriving and departing customers
  • Move around and zoom in/out easily with your mouse
  • Shared information means that all your users are looking at the most up-to-date information
  • View historical information with a click of a button

Marina Operations

  • Streamlined check-ins and check-outs
  • Autofill agreements
  • Reservations can be prebilled, paid on arrival, or charged on account
  • Print customizable invoices, contracts, quotes, monthly statements
  • Tracking of customer credit card authorizations
  • Special requirements and provisions can be tracked on a site, vessel, and/or customer level
  • Documents and images can be saved and displayed by site, vessel, and/or customer
  • Credit card integration and PCI compliance with Xcharge, a division of Global Payments

Site Assignments

  • Many different types of “sites” can be defined – moorage slips, boathouses, campsites, parking spaces, storage lockers, dry land blocking, rental properties
  • Vessels can be assigned to multiple sites within a single reservation
  • Sites can be assigned when the reservation is made, or when the vessel is checked in
  • Sophisticated handling of open sites and reservations that need to be assigned to sites
  • Lineal and side tie moorage is a breeze, including rafting

Leasing and Subletting of Sites

  • Guests can be billed based on daily, monthly, or annual rates
  • Sites can be made available for sublease for specified periods of time
  • Flexibility allows you to reserve the site to multiple nightly guests while your customer is away

Marina Vessel Services

  • Many types of items can be sold on the same reservation
  • Fuel dock integration with Computrol Fuel Systems
  • Marina services can be added to a reservation or billed separately
  • Tracking and reserving of lifts for vessel dry dock servicing and launches
  • Full integration of inventory handling including parts catalogues, purchasing and special orders

Marina Stores and POS

  • Full Inventory control and reporting
  • Robust purchasing and receiving functions
  • Import your supplier part and price catalogues
  • Easily create and sell kits & packages
  • Auto-generate purchase orders
  • Serial number tracking, barcode printing

Marina Management Tools

  • Real-Time reporting from all business areas and Multiple Business Units
  • Automated Billing, Invoicing, Emailing and Charging of recurring moorage and meters
  • Multiple user profiles to control information access and program permissions
  • Marina-specific customized reports including: deferred revenue, site occupancy, clerk activity, customer status reports
  • Time saving integrations with QuickBooks and Great Plains Accounting Software
  • Capture more business with our Swift Harbour integration – Coming Spring 2018