Is Marina Controller Right for You?

1.  Does your marina business have between 20 and 2000 slips?

If so, The Marina Controller is for you.  Our marina software will provide a marina-specific layout, regardless of the arrangement of docks, slips, open moorage, and fuel docks within the marina.  A quick glance will tell you and your guests where they are within the marina.

2.  Does the marina operate a fuel dock?

The Marina Controller gives full control and integration of fuel pumps on the fuel dock within the existing system.  There is no need for a separate software package.

3.  Does the marina lease out non-marina items – storage lockers, parking, dry land boat storage, or even accommodations?

The Marina Controller can handle all forms of rentals and leases and include them as part of the visual display.  A glance quickly displays all forms of availability.

4.  Does the marina provide marine services, such as repairs and maintenance?

The Marina Controller can create quotes and work orders for all types of marina services, including the ability to track serialized inventory and warranties.

5.  Does the marina have transient/overnight guests as well as long-term slip leases?

The Marina Controller handles short-term/overnight guests, as well as monthly and annual slip leases.  At the end of the lease term, the leases can be set to renew automatically.

6.  Does the marina offer subleasing for its monthly and annual leaseholders when their vessels are out of port?

The Marina Controller allows many levels of subleasing (for example, an annual guest can sublease to a monthly guest, who can subsequently sublease to any number of overnight guests).  The Marina Controller also allows for sublease credits to be assigned back to the subleasor based on unique marina sublease rules and conditions.

7.  Does the marina have electric and/or water meters that need monitoring for billing purposes?

The Marina Controller allows for the tracking of meters and billing of power and water usage.

8.  Does the marina employ travel lifts for its dry yard storage or marina services area?

The Marina Controller has a full scheduling feature for scheduling of travel lifts.

9.  Does the marina use wait lists for prospective guest who require moorage space?

The Marina Controller allows for user-defined classifications of wait lists for moorage of different types (for example, annual, seasonal, or monthly).

10.  Does the marina require a complete accounting software package, complete with inventory control, accounts payable and account receivable.

The Marina Controller comes with a multiple fiscal year, full-featured accounting package.