Is Marina Controller Right for You?

1. My marina has 85 slips and some lineal moorage. Will your system handle that?
Marina Controller can handle any marina operation no matter the size – even multiple locations! Our marina software will provide a customized marina-specific layout, regardless of the arrangement of docks, slips, open moorage, and fuel docks within your marina. The lineal moorage component is a breeze too. You can even have multiple levels of rafting and configurations.

2. We have a fuel dock. How does your program handle that?
Marina Controller gives full control and integration of fuel pumps on the fuel dock within the existing system. It also integrates with Computrol Fuel Systems. No lag time either from when your fuel dock posts the charges to when they appear on the reservation for payment.

3. We are not just a marina. We have dry land storage and lockers, plus a few campsites on the property. Will that work?
Marina Controller can handle all forms of rentals and leases, and include them as part of the custom Visual Marina display on the main map OR their own map tab. A quick glance displays all forms of availability and reservation status. Billing for these can be all combined or separated too. We have clients that also charge for parking, have rental condominiums, kayak rentals, etc..

4. Our store has a lot of tackle and boating needs, plus a full range convenience items. Do you have similar customers that use your system?
Marina Controller has a robust POS and inventory component that can track inventory, provide direct billing, and provide sales and inventory reports. It can perform discounting, prepare orders automatically and import supplier price and product catalogues. In fact, Marina Controller is part of a larger series of Controller Series Software products that were built for building supply stores and their thousands of products.

5. We have a busy marine service department and perform many haul outs, launches and a wide range of repairs and maintenance.
Marina Controller can create quotes and work orders for all types of marina services, including the ability to maintain serialized inventory, import product catalogs and track warranties. The system has a haul out and launch scheduler built right in too! Plus, you’ll have a permanent record of all the service work you perform for each customer/vessel at your fingertips.

6. My location is part of a marina management company with multiple locations that our system right now can’t handle. How about yours?
Marina Controller can take, manage and report bookings and sales across multiple locations, including marinas, storage, service and part departments. You can share common customer information across your network of locations for customer data tracking and experience delivery as well. A central office can access the reporting from any location too.

7. We have some slips that are just for transient/overnight guests, and others that are long-term leases.
Marina Controller handles short-term/overnight guests, as well as monthly and annual slip leases. At the end of the term for your customers with leases, they can be can be set to renew automatically, charge their credit card on file, and email the invoices right to your customer. You can designate slips for whatever use you prefer too – including boathouses.

8. When our monthly or annual customers are away from the marina, we rent out their available slip and pay a portion of that revenue back to them. Can Marina Controller do that?
Marina Controller can handle many levels of subleasing (for example, an annual guest can sublease to a monthly guest, who can subsequently sublease to any number of overnight guests).

9. Can I monitor and charge electric and/or water meters?
Marina Controller allows for the tracking of meters and billing of power and water usage. You can even split the meter charges out of your annual moorage leases, and bill the monthly usage while maintaining the annual moorage billing.

10. Can my customers book moorage online or on their mobile devices?
Marina Controller is launching our integration with Swift Harbour in our Spring 2018 release. Swift Harbour gives your customers the ability to find your marina, book moorage space and communicate with the marina through a messaging app.

11. We use an accounting program and it would be nice if your system would transfer information to it.
Marina Controller integrates with popular accounting packages such as QuickBooks and Great Plains. With just a click of a button, Marina Controller sends your important information right to your accounting program. If you use other accounting programs, we can help design a simple file that can be transferred and imported.

12. What support options do you have, especially during after hours?
Marina Controller has a range of support options to ensure you and your staff are comfortable using your program. Read more here….